AmiGO saved my flight!

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This time I won't complain, I will just praise AmiGO cause yesterday I had a flight from İstanbul, 9pm and my boarding was at 8.30pm. I was out for the airport after I checked estimated arrival time on Google and it said 7.30-7.35pm. I had more traffic jams than Google had estimated and that made me crazy so I decided to check AmiGO while driving and it was saying 8.10pm arrival time. I was panicked and mad at Google. How could this be possible... almost 30 minutes of wrong estimation. Anyways I had arrived the airport just as AmiGO said... 8.10. I quickly parked my car and caught the flight. Thanks for the best traffic info AmiGO. It amazes me day by day how good are TomTom services. Thanks a lot.
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