Considering buying 550 - are connectivity / bluetooth issues resolved?

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Hi everyone,

I've got a TomTom Rider v5 that fell out of TomTom support some time ago. It's still working fine: getting map updates, connects to the old TomTom Home app and I can get camera POIs from an external source. However, traffic is no longer working, via Live services.

The v5 has been a brilliant device, but perhaps it's now time to move on + get some improvements. I'm considering getting the Tom Tom Rider 550 World, which seems to have various improvements, but primarily has lifetime (in UK) maps, camera updates and traffic.

However - it seems clear from forums that there are serious issues around bluetooth connectivity, which would probably impact traffic info, via my Samsung S20 (android). Best approach would be for me to buy the 550 from a retailer who has a robust returns policy (eg., so I can send back if I can't get the connectivity to work … but no point wasting time if it's a really a lost cause.

So - could anyone give a view on what the latest situation is? Is online traffic connectivity via bluetooth on Samsung/Android still unreliable? Or have there been improvements?

If traffic is not reliable on 550, then I'll run my trusted old v5 into the ground and use google maps for traffic (though not really ideal).

Cheers, Andrew.


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    None of the bluetooth issues were ever resolved, There are only work-arounds. As long as you don’t need customer support from Tom Tom you should be fine.
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    The Rider 550 wouldnt connect to my IPhone (numerous other recent reports online and on various forums). Contacted TomTom via Live chat, no use, in the end they accused me of not following their instructions!
    Sent it back and bought the Garmin Zumo XT, no issues at all.
    Tip: if you use an IPhone, read all the negative reviews.
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    Hi there @vertew -

    Since the Bluetooth/MyDrive app data pairing issue regarding iOS 13+ operating systems on Apple iPhones, I have directly paired my Rider 500 to my iPhone and have received traffic/camera data perfectly for the last 2 years. This is what I did:

    1. - Deleted the MyDrive app on my iPhone
    2. - Deleted old Bluetooth pairings of the Rider on my iPhone
    3. - Connected the Rider to my iPhone over Bluetooth through the standard way
    4. - Installed the MyDrive app -
    5. - DID NOT pair my Rider through Bluetooth via the MyDrive app
    6. - Have personal hotspot on my iPhone turned ON (Bluetooth and USB only - you need to have WiFi disabled on an iPhone to do this)
    -Some of the above information has been reproduced from JURES, another forum contributor.

    I personally just use the MyDrive app (signed in to my account) just to send routes/destinations to my Rider - but -
    JUST DON’T PAIR your Rider via Bluetooth within the MyDrive app!

    What this entails on users particular devices operating under iOS 13+ is that they have currently lost the ability to receive stable text/phone call information/answer calls on their Rider navigation screen. I have also paired my Sena 5s communication system directly to my iPhone with no combined issues.
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    Hi and thanks very much for the responses + sorry for delayed response ...

    @gs2offroad - not good that there are no full solutions, but possibly encouraging if there are reasonable workarounds ... eg. here.

    @Andrew13 - I've got a Samsung S20, so not sure if this has same issues as iPhone, but thanks for info. Yes, I've been looking at the Zumo XT too, though this (inevitably) seems to have it's own set of issues ... eg. sometimes selecting strange routing choices. But, yes the XT does look like a great device and it's on the list.

    @kieron - thanks for this, sounds like a reasonable woprkaround (though I've got an android device). Does not pairing phone with phone interfere with traffic?

    I'll keep researching, but I expect the only real test will be to buy one (from a retailer that definitely supports returns) and try it out ...

    I'm also tending to think that my fantastic old v5 Rider is still working well enough to use (minus traffic info), so maybe I don't need to get into an expensive new device and invest a lot of time in workarounds, which may interfere with day-to-day usability / complexity.

    thanks very much again :):):)