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My Mydrive is planning routes on secondary roads that are not safe to drive, bypassing national roads with good pavement and a lot of use.

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    Hi @Gato
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    Are you planning the route on MyDrive web or the app?

    Also, could you share a few examples, please?

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    The route was planned on Mydrive. An example was a route between Chamusca and Paiva's Passadiços, when Mydrive made me leave the main road and walk along narrow roads, with poor pavement, which I later found out was not even closer. Also from Arouca to Castro D'Aire which instead of following the national road inside Arouca forced me to walk through several secondary streets. To get back on the right track, I had to ignore the equipment. He also told me to follow roads that don't exist.
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    I think you will have to adjust the GPS well and not hesitate to put pass by

    or stops on your route Example