Can you delete trip statistics for today? RIDER tomtom

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Hi, is it possible to delete the "All-Time" statistics as well as "Today" statistics?



  • nabu
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    Hello, "All time" No but "Today"? yes I have more

    since 06,09,2021 there is a button to delete the route
  • Stingray100
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    Thanks Nabu, would be useful to delete the the All-Time stats ;-)
  • gs2offroad
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    Delete "All Time" statistics by doing a factory reset. Will reset everything else also.
  • TigerRider
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    Just remember the thing stores your maximum speed between factory resets so if you've crossed the line don't let anyone else loose with it. Maybe hang on to your track day receipts but then it might not show fast enough.

    Trouble is, doing a factory reset is not without its mind numbing complications or until everything you had connected and working before is connected and working again.