TomTom Go App does not update location - Other Apps and TomTom Device all work

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As the heading says my TomTom Go app, for which I have paid, does not update its position as I drive. This is irrespective of whether I have set a route or not. All other navigation apps on my phone (a Poco X3 Pro), for example Google maps and a GPS Logging app all update as I move. Also my TomTom devices ( Go 620 and Go 6200) also update. I have tried different locations in the car but the TomTom Go App does not update. I have tried closing the App, switching the phone on and off. Sometimes turning the phone off and on works but then after a short period The TomTom app stops working. The fact that all other apps that rely on GPS do work when TomTom does not, leads me to believe that the issue is not with the phone's ability to access the satellites.

I am using Android Auto in a 2020 Mercedes and appear to have the latest TomTom app. The app does not update in I do not connect to Android Auto and just observe the phone screen.

This is very frustrating and very annoying that as a very long time TomTom customer I have paid for something that does not work whereas all of the free apps do work!

Any suggestion or solutions would be gratefully accepted.


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    Hi @mwchambery

    Welcome back! There are similar reports with Xiaomi devices which were reported to google and has below workarounds, see if they can help.
    Workaround 1: Disable battery saving mode for TomTom GO Navigation app.
    Workaround 2: Keep an app open on the phone while running on the Android Auto
    Also, have a look at this response from szachowa here in case the above steps fails.

    Best, lampard
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    Thanks for the response. I disabled the battery saving mode in Android 11 and initially it worked so thank you for the suggestion.

    I then discovered that the app only works properly, that is updating the location, showing the speed etc etc, if I start the App on the phone and leave it running when I connect to the car. If I leave the App off on the phone and start it from the Android Auto screen then the majority of times it does not work, it starts but does not update the position, show the speed etc etc.

    So still quite flaky when compared to other GPS app which just seem to work.