J have just added the Western Europe map to my Carminat SIM. No warnings during download so hope OK.

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When fitted to car (in UK) to check it Icannot see locations outside UK. Is the map actually on the SIM? Do I have to wait until I land in Europe to see if it works?
Secondly, can I make a backup copy of the maps I bought on to a second SIM.


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    second SIM card.
    sim cards are made for traffic and other things not for putting cards

    8/16 gb mini sd are for putting cards [/ b]
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    @sislambert ,

    maybe both Maps (UK and WesternEurope) actually present on your SD-Card (not SIM). Than you have to choose via the Menu the Map you want to use, because it doesn't change automatically.

    A Backup is highly recommended. First make a full manually Backup of the content of the current SD-Card on your PC/Mac. Therefore on PC stop TomTomHome, start the Explorer and change the View-Options for the Explorer to show all files ans folders (even system and hidden too). Then copy all files and folders to a folder of your own choice (new one is recommended) on the PC. After this copy the content of the folder on the PC to a new FAT32-formatted SD-Card.

    I guess, you have both Maps (UK and Western Europe) on your SD-Card. If your UK-Map is the original and isn't updated in the past, then it don't work with the new SD-Card. The WesternEurope should work.