Go to postcode - without address. Can't say "go".

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On my 2021 Jeep, I'm struggling with the built-in version of TomTom.

I want to go to a postcode. Address is irrelevant, I just want to navigate to the postcode itself. However the system wants more, after entering the postcode, which it seems to recognise, there is no way to say "OK".

It will do nothing until I start entering an address, which I do not have and I'm not interested in.



  • DougLap
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    Hi @BFG_

    Don’t know the Jeep Nav setup but it sounds like the Search option is Step by Step which means the Postcode is not sufficient.

    Is there anywhere in Settings that you can choose to change the Search method from Step by Step to Quick Search. If so think that will resolve the issue.