Scam call centre ?

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Hi everyone

Sorry this may be along post.

I have bought a new Tomtom sat nav and was having problem downloading the mydrive connect software. Anyway i used the chat facility to explain my problem and spoke to a representitive who said that my satnav was not being fully recognised by my computer.
She said could she take my phone number and another technician would call me and try to resolve the issue.
When he called the first thing he did was to install a remote controll software caled ulimate viewer.
Anyway he the spent the next 10mins trying to convince me that my computer was infected and the drives were corrupted and to buy a 3 year update plan (£99 + vat) and he would clean the computer.
I was getting more and more uneasy about this and when i finally said "this is a scam" he ended the call.
He had disabled my antivirus software.

Has this happened to anyone else?

It was through the webchat on the TomTom site that i contacted them so thought it would be legit.

I managed to uninstall the remote viewer and i havent noticed anything unusal so far.