Please give me a phone number so I can discuss my billing errors?

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Dear Sirs,
I am the owner of this product GO Supreme 6" ZExxxxxx918
I purchased this on the 7th of October on Invoice TomTom Subiaco AUS for $174.50 and was promised I would have a 3-month free subscription for the speed camera. Instead of that the $4.99 commenced billing immediately and consequently, 3 bills should be refunded. I couldn't get it to work for over a month and support told me to download it again and from then on I was getting 2 bills a month. Consequently, the duplicated bills should be refunded. Then I purchased an annual subscription at the proposed discount. The following month I was charged a double bill again even after buying the annual subscription. I shall list my charges against my bank statement hereunder.
7 /10/20 Original purchase $174.50 DEBIT CARD PURCHASE TomTom Subiaco AUS
World Speed 1 Month
2/11/20 Shoule be free promotion 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4104483 4029357733 AUS Please Refund
1/12/20 Shoule be free promotion 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4106318 4029357733 AUS Please Refund
31/12/20Shoule be free promotion 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4108076 4029357733 AUS Please Refund
1/2/21 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4108076 4029357733 AUS
1/3/21 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4111411 4029357733 AUS
29/3/21 Duplication commenced 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4029357733 AUS
4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4113293 4029357733 AUS Please Refund
29/4/21 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4114973 4029357733 AUS
4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4114966 4029357733 AUS Please Refund
31/5/21 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4116693 4029357733 AU
4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4116686 4029357733 AUS Please Refund
14/6/21 World speed 1 year 23.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4029357733 AUS
29/6/21 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4118532 4029357733 Please Refund
4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4118536 4029357733 Please Refund
29/7/21 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4120401 4029357733 Please Refund
4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4120409 4029357733 Please Refund
30/8/21 4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4122286 4029357733 Please Refund
4.99 PAYPAL *TOMTOM 4122282 4029357733 Please Refund
I would be very grateful if you could refund
1. The first 3 months as promised in the promotion
2. The Duplications
3. The charges after purchasing the yearly subscription

Yours Faithfully

Mevyn xxxxx
xxxxxx 31xxxx
Email [email protected]
Phone 0xxxxxx53

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    Hi @Mevyn_7

    This is a forum for users to help one another and not a direct link to Customer Support. I suggest you use the Chat Facility.

    There is a Chat facility and email.

    Tap Support at the top of this page.
    You MUST now log into your account Top right of next Page
    When logged in, and only then, Tap Contact Us bottom Right
    Help Box appears and if you wait a few seconds Get in Touch appears in it.
    Tap Get in Touch
    During Normal working hours a Chat Box appears and out of normal hours an Email option appears.
    If it does not work exactly as described try with a different Web Browser.

    They are able to sort out account/payment issues via Chat.

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