Instructions via FM radio through a Bluetooth connection

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I am facing issues with my TomTom Go Android app. It is running on a OnePlus 9 PRO and the issue I face is when I try to play it on the Media System on my 2018 Mazda 3. Until two weeks ago, all worked perfectly well. Now, I get no sound when I connect the phone using bluetooth and use the app while listening to FM radio. If I turn the system to Bluetooth output, it works as expected (but that would make my navigation app quite useless to me if I cannot use it while listening to radio).

It works perfectly well with google maps while listening to radio.

I have tried adjusting output channels in the app but that doesn't seem to do anything.
I also tried reinstalling that app but that didn't do any difference.

What can I do?


  • lampard
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    Hi @Thunderhammer

    Welcome to the Community! This is a limitation where you can't listen to the built-in car radio and have voice instructions from our GO app due to the missing HFP functionality. It is already reported as an improvement request for the team.

    Best, lampard
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    I have the same problem. When playing TTGO in my multimedia when giving driving instructions, the radio is cut off, the music is cut off and does not return. I would appreciate some solution. Thank you