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Searching for a very simple way to setup tomtom navigation for my elderly parents.
They have an old, very slow, tomtom and they can't operate it very well.

So I was looking for a very easy way to start navigation.
I was thinking:
- start the tomtom
- it displays my favorite destinations
- just confirm and go

So I was searching for this and it turns out that it already exists.
I googled: favoriete bestemmingen (sorry, dutch) and found an old manual:,withASR,withPlaces.htm
In here it is explained that if you add two or more favorite destinations the system offers to present these at startup of the system.
It also mentions that this behaviour can be configured in the "startup" menu.

This is exacly what I need.

So I went to the store and tested the new TomTom GO Discover 7.
First, the device is fast, which is great.
Second, I cannot find the startup menu anywhere on the settings, so I could not confirm that the device supports the quick navigate option.

Also I cannot find a menu breakdown of these new devices online.

Anyone know more about this?


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    nabu wrote: »

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
    Found this information myself and though it does present a lot of information it's not very detailed.

    It looks like there is no longer a Favorite Destinations anymore in the new software. It's now called My Places.
    There is no information on how these can be used and if they can be presented at start of the system.
    Also there is no mention of this functionality in the System Menu, which seems very small.

    I'm looking for confirmation that this functionality is just not there in the new Discover models before buying one and having to return it.
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    Hi @DougLap ,

    Thanks for your extensive reply.

    "The TT units, including the GO Discover units, do not have the facility to show a particular list of destinations immediately on start up."

    I think you're right. I find it frustrating that older units did have the functionality - I found it in the manuals - but they choose to not migrate it to the software of the new units.

    I would like to ask this to a TomTom representative, but the site does not have a possibility to contact them succesfully. I tried using the chat but that is all horibble.

    Regarding the rest of your email, thanks for pointing out there are some option to program icons, but if I understand correctly, it would still need 4 clicks to select a Destination. For old people that can be confusing already.

    IN the old software, one click would be sufficient.

    Thanks for your efforts :),

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    When you touch the search box, a page comes up which includes "Home" plus the last two or three most recent destinations you've used, plus icons for "My Places" and "Recent Destinations". Since home and 2 or 3 other recent destinations are always there might that will suffice? Those are only 2 clicks.

    [I say 2 or 3 most recent because the number shown depends on the length of the name of the destination -- one really long name or a bunch of short ones can fit.]