TT 2.7 rerouting weird issue

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Hopefully this makes sense. I planned a route, looked at the alternatives, and one was a minute slower. I started TT with it routing me on the fastest route but took the 1 minute slower route. TT kept wanting me to turn around to its fastest route for at several minutes again and again, with the turnaround taking more time than my 1 minute slower route. Finally TT routed me onto the 1 minute slower route, saving me 9 minutes from it’s latest turnaround to the original fastest route.

Has TT always had this quirky behavior because I don’t remember it?


  • lampard
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    Hi @Feckweed405

    Unfortunately, this can happen sometimes. Can you provide us with examples (routes) that show an overview of what route we provide and what you would actually expect (with time/distance saved if possible)?

    Best, lampard
  • Feckweed405
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    Hey Lampard- This isn’t unique to one route, but has happened several times.

    *I have my route set to fastest.
    *There are other routes within a 2 minutes of the fastest route.
    *Upon driving I decide to take an alternate route without selecting it in TT.
    *TT keeps trying to have me backtrack to the original route over and over (3-6 times depending on the length of the route) at the expense of time. It’ll even tell me to completely reverse my route several minutes to get back on the original route.
    *Finally TT realizes the route I’m on is the fastest and routes me that way.
    *Apple Maps, Google maps and Waze for these same routes realize within a turn or two that the second route is within a minute or so of the original route and don’t keep rerouting me back to the original route.

    I don’t remember TT doing this (I can recall SYGIC doing it once upon a time).

    Hope that helps!