IQ routes overrules real traffic situation and forces illegal route

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IQ routes in the android app seems to overrule real traffic in a very unwanted manner. It sends one into streets which are only allowed for local traffic. These roads are for local traffic only due to the fact that too many people took these roads as shortcut in order to prevent traffic jams. There are strict controls and every shortcutter gets a fine.
On top this isn't needed since the real traffic situation was fluid. It isn't the first time this happens, certainly on public holidays outside the weekend.
I hope this will be fixed soon since this situation can get people into serious troubles.


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    Please give actual examples so that others can try them out and find possible solutions ;)
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    A perfect example is

    On school days, the blue arrow could have traffic jams in the rush hours in the morning. Currently it's still school holiday and thus no traffic and no need to take an alternative.
    There isn't even a sign of a green route which I mentioned in this other thread

    As said the proposed alternative is illegal.

    But don't focus too much on this example. The fact is that the IQ routes always overrule the real traffic situation, even if the latter is faster. I would be nice if that is fixed and simply the fastest route is taken, whether or not this is the IQ routes or real traffic.