Which TomTom model to buy ????


there is NO personal TomTOM support, even if you want to BUY a new device. *head-shaking*

My navi should be able:
- to know contruction areas without usage of an additional smartphone
- guide me around construction areas
- have a learning mode and don't send me always the same wrong and too small streets
- keep me on big streets and don't guide me through wild areas
- the ability to completely deactive radar warnings (I drive like a social human beeing)
(radar warnings should be disallowed in whole europe)
- have all functions and the size of the Via 135, maybe a litte bit larger
- no LED-display that hurts my eyes (better LCD-display)

My TomTom Via 135 doesn't fit my needs anymore ............

Maybe there is a kind of TomTom support to help


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    go premium good but routing sometimes doubtful