Download user manual for Go Premium X

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I have tried multiple times to download the user manual for my new Go Premium X but the website continually gives a 'server stopped responding error'. This applies to either the PDF or HTML version and in fact I cannot download any manual for any device.

I have tried on different computers (Mac 11.5.2 and Windows 10)
I have tried on different internet connections
I have run a speedtest on my home internet to check the speed and can get 460Mbps download/48Mbps up
I have tried other websites and have no problem with general internet usage.
I have tried emptying the browser cache
I have tried making sure I am logged in
I have tried over 3 separate days

Any help please!


  • DougLap
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    Hi @adamstoc

    Not much help but using the User Manuals option on this webpage I have just tested and downloaded the PDF English UK manual. Used Safari on a MacBook.

  • adamstoc
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    Thanks for for the info Doug, that's helpful. I set up a connection from my mobile phone to my MacBook and I also was able to download the file.

    I don't understand what could be going on, as the download speed on my internet is very quick and I can upload/download large files very quickly from other websites.

    The Go Premium has also been trying to update its maps for 3 days now (8.5Gb) and has only managed to download 815mbs from the TomTom download site. (This is according to my Meraki Security appliance).