GO 5200 speed camera updates does not work

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I am on the track every day and see many speed cameras, both manned and unmanned. I then click on the camera icon to report the flash. It keeps popping up: Thanks for the notification. But when I pass those places again the following days, the tomtom does not report that camera. Also, I rarely get a notification that I need to update the system. Neither from maps, nor from cameras. And if I can do an update anyway, those reported cameras are not included.


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    try report in mapshare
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    You only signal the dangers of mobile radars
    it usually lasts two hours but no more
    at least by my house when I come back an hour later they are always there
    but the next day it's over
    the real fixed speed cameras it is on mapsphare that they must be reported to have a chance that they are taken into account on the next map
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    How do I put them in MAPSHARE please ?
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    Hi @Beachbiker


    Once you have logged in if you click on the map where a Cameras is then you get a menu with Speed cameras as an option.