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Until some time in the last year my TomTom Go app worked seamlessly with my Bluetooth car radio using my Motorola G6(Android). I could receive voice instructions from Go, listen to music and receive phone calls with out problems. Now if Bluetooth is enabled, Go's voice instructions are not given, even though Go is Unmuted. I simultaneously had a problem with the Nissan car radio/Satnav, which has now been fixed by a massive firmware update done at the dealership (free of charge! There's a first for everything!). This has made no difference to my Go audio problem. The only solution I have found is to disable Bluetooth on my mobile when using Go if I want voice instructions, while keeping mobile data turned on. This, of course, means I can't receive/answer calls via the car speakers/handsfree microphone. If my wife is travelling with me in this situation, this isn't a problem, since we can connect her phone via Bluetooth, while disabling it on mine for Go. It seems to me this must be a software glitch, probably something to do with some Bluetooth update. An alternative cause might be the updated 5G enabled SIM cards foisted upon us by Virgin in the last 12 months - we don't have 5G phones - but needed them for our current SIM only contracts.

Or it could be Google deliberately making it difficult to use TomTomGo - this problem conspicuously doesn't occur when we use Google Maps as the SatNav, though as a SatNav it is definitely inferior in many respects to Go. Or perhaps I am being too cynical!

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    Hi there @Milooshea

    Have you tried changing the Audio output channels (from Main Menu> Settings> Sound & warning) ? You can try and check different options to see if there is any improvement.

    Best, lampard