"Unknown Navcore-Version" when starting MyDrive Connect App

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I do have a TomTom Rider 550. When I try to open TomTom MyDrive Connect App I get an error message saying "Unbekannte Navcore-Version".
I resetted the Rider and tried the procedure with another TomTom-Account account - still the same problem. I deinstalled the MyDrive Connect App on my Notebook, deleted all temp-files and possible files in ...user\AppData\Local and ..\Roaming, re installed the app - still the same problem....
The Rider itself is quite new (1.2. years). I made a map update in January 2021 and everything worked fine. Unfortunately, now I am not able to update the device any more. I should have free livetime updates and should be able to update the device.
Does anyone have a solution? Thx in advance.


  • nabu
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    ask the after-sales service to send you a navcore because you no longer have any in your tomtom .... at least I think ..... but you have to wait until Monday

    although your device does not need my drive connect to work
    without computer it also works
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    Hi @CrazyBiker

    Let’s see what @VikramK ir @lampard have to say after they have reviewed your units logs on the TT servers.

    Look back here tomorrow.

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    Thx so far.
    I still have the problem that no updates (or messages showing available updates) appear on my device if I use WLAN. Compared with the device of one of my friends I have a much older Navcore Version 19.201.0010.411 (0) 2019 and an older map version Europe v1065.10748.
    When I start TomTom mydrive connect on an computer the "Unbekannte Navcore Version" message is shown immediately on the screen when trying to login to my account. So I can't even use my TomTom account.