Please stop the 'how would you rate our support' from constantly showing

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No matter what you choose it constantly comes back and is so annoying


  • rider1rider
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    try in firefox private window
  • halo572
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    They are incompetent clowns that can't even code their own website correctly?

    And it is an insult to the user to keep being asked how appalling their customer service is when it is so bad they hide to avoid dealing with us.
  • Floopyzebra
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    edited November 2021
    Every few seconds I keep getting a pop-up that says rate our support Good or Bad and there is a box that says don't show again, ticking the box does nothing and it's really annoying because I can't do anything until I keep clicking good or bad. How do I stop the thing from popping up every few seconds. Thanks
  • gs2offroad
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    If you have an AdBlock filter in your browser, add these lines to your Custom filter. It will block the annoying pop-ups: