Google My Maps - 'My Places' - How to copy to Tom Tom My Places

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I am confused!

Is there anywhere where I can read or work through just How it is possible to transfer a whole bunch of 'My Places' on Google My Maps onto my Tom Tom.

I dont want them as POI's - I want them as My Places.

I have read so many explanations but none of them deal with this question as written.
Any advice or pointers would be such a relief.

It surprises me as to why Tom Tom has not addressed this request before because the amount of people coming up with ideas and solutions are huge. But none answer the question!

Many thanks


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    then at the rigor of 1 by 1

    my places is a tomtom system not google

    in my places you have favorites recent destinations marked locations (GPX) and OV2 poi
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    Maybe I phrased it incorrectly.
    I use both systems. - Google My Maps and TomTom.

    I want to copy / import? into Tom Tom what Google calls 'Your Places'.

    Given TomTom is a 'closed' navigation system where as Google is 'open' to all sorts of Apps - including Navigation, you would have thought that TomTom would encourage people to move from a Jack of All Trades App like Google Go/ Google My Maps .. and thus ensure that it survives because if it can not embrace the 'Places' I have created in Google so when I go travelling in my car I can 'import' 'Your Places' into Tom Tom and use a dedicated Navigation system for my 35 day car trip.

    After all it is only a lat/long and a description you are trying to import. It is not rocket science.

    How many Android Google map users are there? Quite a few at the last count - well over 100 million!

    TomTom has a niche market place which if TomTom isn't careful Google will gobble up if it too doesn't become more open.

    I prefer using a dedicated Navigation system and I like to use both systems... Horses for Courses!

    So now instead of this lengthy convoluted solution of copying between the two systems I have decided to resurrect last years Android phone with 256gb of storage and free downloadable maps internet connected on the go as my new Go To navigation device! I will just uninstall all the other apps and just have Google Maps. Problem solved.

    As I said it is not Rocket Science!
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    Welcome to the site....
    Maybe useful....
    MyDrive Web Route planner....
    Transfer the individual Google Map locations manually to the
    Tomtom MDW Route planner

    With Google Maps and the MyDrive Web Route planner both running on 50/50 split screen....
    (1)... Type the location into the Google Maps Search Box and Right-click on the offered location marker
    A small window opens... Click on the displayed Coordinates... the Coordinates are now copied to the PC Clipboard
    (2)... Right-click on the Map at the required location
    (3)... A small window opens... Click on the displayed Coordinates... the Coordinates are now copied to the PC Clipboard
    (4)... On the MyDrive Web Route planner... Click on the search box....
    (5)... Using Ctrl+v Paste the Coordinates into the MDW Route planner Search box (Now Press Enter on your Keyboard) the MDW Route planner will Zoom to the location....
    Right-Click on the Icon to....
    Send Destination
    Add to MyPlaces
    Use as Starting point
    Plan Route
    If you have a Route already planned....
    Right-Click on the Icon to add a Stop

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    I had the reverse problem about a year ago as I wanted to transfer all of Tomtoms "My Places" to Google Maps........ :)

    But in attempting to do so I found no way to 'import data' into Google and then to make sure the process was reversible B) I found no easy way to export Google Maps "Favourites"........ :'(

    From memory I was using Google Takeout and concluded that Google Maps "Favourites" was not exportable at all..................!!!

    Google Maps "Starred places" was included in an export file that was created by Takeout but it was not in a ready to use format.

    So I gave up with my efforts!

    I assume you may have done the first stage of 'exporting' Google Maps Favourites? (and do you know how to 'import' data into Google Maps? )

    Grateful if you could share how you did this please. B)