Marked place from GPS never showing in MyDrive app

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Hey there, bit of a hassle for me, I have been marking placing on the Rider550 for a while now, marking places of interest (fun corners, views, eating places etc.) now with all these rainy days, I wanted to put together routes from these markers in the MyDrive App, however l, all the marks seems to only exists on the GPS, now matter how much I try to update, relog the user profile, connect to different WiFi etc. is it really impossible, to have the marks show inside the app as well ? Seems to be the only real downside, I could ever find in an otherwise perfect product. :(


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    you go to my places to look for the starting point
    and you go back to my places to find the arrive
    but hey it's limited
    after you choose another point and add to the current route