How do I reinstall the 'Serena' voice that doesn't work on a GO620?

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I had to uninstall all 'standard voices' after auto download of US and Chinese vocies - but didn't remove 'Serena' & 'Kathy'. Now 'Serena' doesn't work but 'Kathy' OK. After log-in TomTom website shows that all voices are 'not available' so I can't install any other voice - a little reluctant to remove 'Serena' right now and only have one voice available that works. Can my account '[email protected]' be reset to allow standard 'English' voices to be installed and 'Serena' to be removed and reinstalled?

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    Welcome to the site...
    I had exactly the same with my GO Premium with The Serena & Malcolm TTS Computer Voices.....
    I was trying the new 'Remove 'Content From Your Device' option for MyDrive Connect... Therefore, I removed all the voices except for Serena & Malcolm.....
    After the deletion, the Serena & Malcolm Voices were still installed on the device, but both were silent no spoken instructions ???

    I tried a Soft reset, a Factory reset and Recovery mode... Serena & Malcolm were still silent :/ so to at least get some spoken driving instructions... I installed one of the free voices, I think it was Jane ???
    (I don't think it matters which voice you choose)....
    After installing the voice, I Tapped 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Voices to select the voice, and to my surprise Serena & Malcolm were now working normally ???

    I hope this helps... if you still have the Serena TTS Computer voice, installed, Try installing one of the other free recorded voices....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM