my new go premium x doesn't connect to traffic

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my new go premium x doesn't connect to traffic I have installed my go app but the sat nav won't connect to traffic it has an x


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    Hi @Keith_999
    Welcome to the community!
    Your GO PREMIUM X come with the built-in SIM, it should connect to TomTom Services without a connection to a smartphone.

    My team has fixed the subscriptions in the backend systems, please do a soft reset and check again. I would recommend that you test the device on a planned route.

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    Looks like a lot of Premiums don't connect including mine, and no matter what I do nothing changes that.

    Do you read any of the comments on the youtube videos you fob us off with? Go and do it now, I just did.

    If not you should because it reflects the fact that everything Tom Tom posts is stalling and smoke and mirrors, your products commonly do not work and if you bother to look - which after 15 years I have for the first time - you get - warranted and justified - appalling reviews for customer service.

    My 2 month old Premium is one step up from the paper maps I have in the back of my car, but cost £265 more.

    Thank you for this post, I will make sure my credit card company gets it for my chargeback.
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    Hi @halo572

    See my post against another of your postings where I have flagged this issue to the Mods.

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    This issue has been flagged twice with Tom Tom webchat for 3 weeks and is 'going to be fixed with a 'technical fix' by the end of the day'.

    Three weeks later. Twice.

    At least this post admits that the subscriptions for an unknown number of units have been wiped and seem to have been for up to the last month and ongoing.

    The level of customer support for a company of Tom Tom's size and one that is in the technology sector is atrocious, especially when the default response is 'watch this youtube video that isn't going to fix your problem because it has nothing to do with the problem you have and it is us not you'.
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    Oops, we are having trouble accessing Tom Tom services. Please try again later.
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    halo572 wrote: »
    Oops, we are having trouble accessing Tomtom services. Please try again later.
    Is your GO Premium connected to your PC over USB + MyDrive Connect running in the background ???
    If 'Yes' The USB Connection will take priority over the Wi-Fi Connection and give the error message "Oops, we are having trouble accessing Tomtom services"
    I find that for the initial Registration and Configuration of the Wi-Fi connected devices, the device, needs to be connected over Wi-Fi....

    Try... 'Right Click 'on the MyDrive Connect Icon on the PC Taskbar and Click 'Quit' MyDrive Connect....
    If possible, use something like a Mains powered USB charger e.g... iPhone/iPad Charger + Tomtom USB lead to power the GO Premium....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi, I had the same problem, i went to system, your information and privacy and switched off all selections and then turned them all on again, worked for me. I now get all traffic reports