Why do MyPlaces sync and MyRoutes not (from MyDrive)? Didn't this use to work?

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I've seen a few related posts since the functionality disappeared (in 2020? 2019?) and I'm just wondering if this is on a list to 'fix' or 'reinstate' somewhere or if we have to continue using the nasty workarounds?

I'm basically deciding whether or not to give up on TomTom and just use my phone, since I'm having to use my phone to provide traffic info and a less painful planning interface anyway, maybe I should just use Google Maps navigation and avoid the pain points...

Perhaps TomTom are making the bluetooth connection for traffic info and the syncing of routes difficult in order to stop people realising they need their phones? /sarcasm

EDIT: Just noticed that routes created on the device *do* sync to MyDrive, but not the other way. Is that more frustrating or less? *sigh* Though if you then delete the route in MyDrive, it stays in the device... So yeah... Semi-sync-one-way... And unfortunately the wrong way, because no one plans tours on the device and uploads to MyDrive.

Clearly not working as intended (or as it used to).


  • VikramK
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    Hi @disposalist
    It should work both ways.
    Could you try logging off from MyDrive on the device. Just stop the synching and soft reset the device.

    Main menu- Settings- MyDrive- Stop synching

    Soft reset-

    Once again, login to MyDrive using the same account which was used to plan and save the route.

    Sometimes also confusing, sending destination is different from saving a route in MyDrive.