Voice for my Go6100

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I have purchased the Stephen Fry voice since some years back, but it was purchased to be used with kilometres, but that is no good driving in the UK. So is it possible that I can have the Stephen Fry voice for miles added to my device?



  • kieron
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    Hi there @Superswede -

    As of 22-7-21, (taken from the section GO Discover & GO Expert -
    “Bought new device not able to find voices”)
    Moderator VikramK has informed that:

    “Just like maps and LIVE services, voices are non-transferable.
    As an exception, we used to activate them on the account for our users who bought a new device.
    Recently a decision was taken to discontinue all paid/celebrity voices, unfortunately, we won't be able to re-assign them on the account. Sorry.”