Postcode not found on TomTom GO

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Postcode not found IOS
1. Actual Location of iPhone XR and App West of London
2. Postcode Search PL253RL (no spaces) "Whole Map" selected
3. Search result - "No result found"
4. Maps installed - Great Britain and Ireland (inc) UK Central, UK North, UK North Ireland/Ireland, UK South, Ferry Connections Artic, Ferry Connections Europe, Ferry Connections Med
5. Boscombe Manor near St Austell can be found with a Street address but not Postcode.
6. App Rev 2.6.1
7. Map version 15464
8. have reinstalled however from cloud
So what to do? Works on local postcodes. This seems to be a recurring issue on this App. Google maps and Waze's all work and are correct but I prefer the travel updates and 3d display on TomTom



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    Hi @SJHtv

    Welcome to the Community and thanks for reporting this! We've raised an internal ticket for this. If you encounter such an issue with any postcode, feel free to add them here.

    Best, lampard