Why TomTom Go map is outdated compared to AmiGO?

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First of all, I want to thank you for your great work and making the best navigation services for drivers. I really appreciate a lot.

I just wanna say that, having 2 different apps for navigation is a bit confusing and not practical. I mean I see the edits I've made 2 months ago has been published on AmiGO which is really good and quick but I can't use AmiGO if I don't have internet in a village or if I want to use lane assist feature for example. On the other hand, if I keep using TomTom Go, I won't have online features that AmiGO has and I will still have the outdated map which is less accurate for routing compared to AmiGO.

Wouldn't it be better to merge all these online and offline features in just one app?

It's also a bit weird that I pay for less frequently updated maps but you don't pay for AmiGO which is constantly updated.



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    I also said this a couple of times.
    I would even pay more if it's combined in one app.
    The difference is also getting smaller between the 2 apps and therefore less logical to pay for the go app.
    If I read on the amigo forum it will also get mydrive support for your favorites , also working on a traffic bar for amigo and it had simple LG, but this was removed again with no further notice...
    Amigo was build from zero(navigation) and so much easier to adapt and adding features. The go app is an existing app and so more difficult to adapt in my opinion. Also on AA amigo looks smoother and has better graphic and verbal alert functions then Go... I hope one day TT see the light... They have 🥇in their hands if they want...