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Just been informed by a friend that the updates i have been doing since i got my START 60 are not the actual map updates.

I was shown how to do the full map update and it is showing as disabled. My device is currently loaded with it's original map version of v915.5124.

Please reactivate the life time maps update.

many thanks


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    wait for moderator to check
  • nabu
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    v915.5124 a version 10.70 it would be high time to wake up

    it's a start 60 nav 3 or nav 4
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    Welcome to the site....
    If the device serial number starts 'WM' then the device is End of Life i.e... The internal memory is 2 GB or less, No further Map updates are available to install....

    Stay Safe ATB YFM
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    Thanks @yamfazman

    Looks like I might be in luck as my START60 has a WNxxxxxxxxxx serial number
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    Hi @MrFord
    Welcome to the community!
    I reviewed the device subscriptions in the background, I don't see the device is factory embedded with lifetime maps.
    If you purchased the device with lifetime maps, then please contact our customer service. They might need some additional information before activating the services.
    Regards, Vikram
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    Thank you @VikramK =)

    I will check what I have (box/invoice etc) as I am sure it was purchased with Lifetime Maps.

    What is the best phone number to call from UK?

    Best Wishes ;)
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    Hi @MrFord

    There has been no phone line support since the start of the current crisis and so many working from home. To get to a chat.

    Tap support at the top of this page
    You MUST now sign in on next page
    Now having signed in Tap Contact Us
    New box appears and after a few seconds Get in Touch appears.
    Tap Get in Touch.
    During normal working hours this will take you to Chat.