Redundant Telematics Device

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Good day,

I have a 7250, which I'm pretty sure is a 5 series, just rebaged for telematics.

the Telematics subscription has been ceased, as no longer needed, so I no more Tafffic info. :-/

I've factory reset the device, so have claimed back the LHS of the sceen, and thus is very usable as a dumb SatNav. and got us around Eu and the USA with no issues. (yes, I purchased a map.)

Two options from what I can se,
How can I use my phone via bluetooth to attain traffic updates on the sat nav?

Am I able to reflash the firmware so that it's has a standard image, so can use Bluetooth and the SD card.

I did try to contact support directly to ask them, but couldn't find a way !! ??

WT, Mark


  • DougLap
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    Hi @MarkA007

    You need to go to the Telematics website and their Customer Support for matters related to that Model.

  • MarkA007
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    Thank you for a prompt reply, I've already contacted them, but experiance suggest, plus the contract being ceased, they may not be willing to help...
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    Hi @MarkA007

    I don’t think they can activate Traffic etc here but let us see what @VikramK has to say. Look back here later to see what he has to say. May be tomorrow now.

  • VikramK
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    Hi MarkA007
    It's a Webfleet product, and we don't have the tools to review or manage the subscriptions.
    I assume that TomTom Service via smartphone (Bluetooth pairing) it will still require an active service on the account.

    I am afraid, there is not much help we can provide to assist you in this case...