Issues with shop checkout & TomTom HOME app

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i have a trouble buying on site - i want to get cameras and voice. (Voice: Irena, Croatia. This voice is not listed in TomTom Home app).

1) Issue is: i am buying via Croatian site; on checkout i have entered correct Postal code, but it always returns me an error "Enter valid postal code" ????

2) Question related to TomTom Home app: tried doing Card backup, it returned me an error: "looks like tomtom device was removed" - it wasn't removed. Am i looking at bad card?

3) I am offered Europe Map update via TomTom home app - will it fit my 4GB card that came with car? (car came with Europe maps).

4) Is it possible to transfer new maps onto brand new card / or .. why is it possible to buy new maps on SD card in UK and not for rest of Europe market?



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    I am offered the Europe map update via the TomTom home app - will it fit my 4 GB map that came with the car? (the car came with maps of Europe).

    4 go not sufficient minimum 8go and more
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    Is there special reason my detailed question in post#3 in this topic has been removed?
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    @ dom84
    Post 3?
    Nothing was removed there. Neither the moderator nor the support also have WE
    Kind regards. Bembo

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    @Bembo Sorry may have been some error but did "Preview" couple of times and edited afterwards, maybe was some error.
    Here goes again.
    PS. Excuse me for long post, but there are some important details in it.

    @nabu Thank you for your answer!
    I see Europe map on SD card is available in other then UK sites, but there is an issue with Croatian site - navigating from front page (en_hr site localization):
    Menu: Products -> In dash navigation -> Renault -> Carminat TomTom Live -> More information -> we get to this site:


    Clicking further on "Europe Map on SD Card for Carminat TomTom LIVE" takes me to "en_gb" site.
    If i edit adress manually and change to "en_hr", it's still displayed correctly, but clicking on "BUY NOW" returns error:

    I can't use "en_gb", "de_de" "fr_fr" etc. sites because these are only shipping into respective countries (ie; United Kingdom, Germany, France)..
    Screenshots on which local sites SD card buy works:

    If i manage to buy SD card from TomTom site, can this be updated via TomTom HOME app in future?

    Now, back on my first post questions:

    1) If i try to buy European map download, i can add it to shopping basket (en_hr) site, but when trying to process payment, i get an error message "Enter your postcode". I have it filled correctly. So i can't buy maps at all :)

    Related to question 1) in first post -> if i manage to buy map, obviously i can't use it with existing SD card due to insufficient space on it, what sort of SD card needs to be bought? Will any sort of SD card (both SD and Micro SD via adapter) work? If a card develops a fault, is it possible to place map on new card?

    5) There are 3rd party sites online (webshops, not ebay) selling Carminat LIVE SD cards with EU maps, are these legit cards that can be updated later on? (prices are similar or equal to what we see on TomTom shop, ie 40 - 50 € for v10.65 map).
    Asking because there i get new card and it will ship to Croatia, but don't want to waste money on something i won't be able to update in future.

    Finally, this is the data of device in my car. Car was originally sold brand new in Germany (04/2012), it has been brought in Croatia and registered earlier this year.

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    Hello everyone, sorry for bumping it up but in case there are any answers to any of the questions in (admittedly lengthy) post above, i'd appreciate it!