Speed camera updates

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I'm paid up until next year but haven't received a speed camera update for over a month and am wondering if anyone else has this problem, if I had a number to ring I would because I sent an email and the reply said they'd get in touch with me but that hasn't happened so if I can't get a number to ring them on I guess I'll have to go to the ombudsman or fair trading because it feels like they're trying to avoid me, is anyone else having this problem with their speed cameras? Cheers


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Chappyx
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    Did you check for updates in TomTom HOME?
    The subscription you ordered is active on your account....
    The updates for speed cameras are released twice every week (Tuesday and Thursday).


  • Chappyx
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    I use My Drive Connect to update and the only updates that have been there for over a month are QuickGPSfix and no speed camera updates.