GO40: No maps, no menu, not enough internal space, SD card not recognised - help?

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My GO40 has corrupted whilst attempting map udpates so I have no maps even though over 4000MB memory space is used.
Because of no maps, no system menus on device.
I have a memory card but the device is not recognising it. I cannot reformat the memory card in the device for above reason. Tried formatting the card on my laptop as suggested as a post on the forum. .
I cannot remove any items from the device to free up space because My Drive Connect doesn't give me a list of any items on the device.
No hard reset button.
Map updates have always been a hassle but never this bad. Does anyone have any ideas please, other than chuck it in the bin?


  • nabu
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    waiting for the Moderation of the forum tomorrow will undoubtedly give you a mini map so that you can regain control of the GPS
  • VikramK
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    Hi @SEB12
    The map of Europe now will be offered to you in different regions and that should allow you to install a smaller map to the internal memory to get the device working...