How do I log a Support Call to return the product?

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My 4 month old Go Premium just switched itself off for the last time and has retired to become a paper weight, sadly. I will miss it.
I would log a support call, but the Java scripting won't let me, it just crashes out back to home menu.
There is no phone and there is no email, so all suggestions welcome.
I basically need the address to send the product back under guarantee.
If an Admin could log me a call, happy to deal with it via email, since the website is so unbelievably bad...

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  • nabu
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    Hi you are under warranty so request a return

    change browser to make your request
  • Lochfrass
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    Please try it the way YamFazMan explained it here.

    If you scroll up this page, open the support link with a right click in a private window or in another browser.
    Often the cookies have a life of their own
  • Colin_Stamp
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    Thanks Nabu. Nah, tried all 4 browsers! LoL! Maybe 'cos I am still on Win7! :-(
    Lochfrass was on the money, time for me to woof the cookies, that fixed that bit. Ta!
    Reading YamFazMan's suggestions, wow!
    15 seconds is a LONG time, never seen that before, but that indeed sorted it. Thanks!
    The dead was resurrected, maybe a miracle.... OK, maybe not!
    Thanks Team, duly fixed the device so no need to log call or return it!
    (Thank goodness!)
    All the best