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Given the release of the GO DIscover as an "upgrade", will this mean older models will reach end of life and no longer be supported? I am especially interested in the fate of my GO Supreme 6", but not interested in spending $300 to replace it


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    I can't speak for TomTom but I think it's very unlikely the Supreme will stop being supported any time soon. I can still receive services for the 600, which came out years before the Supreme.

    Note, by "Supported" I mean that maps and services will continue to be offered. I don't think there will be any new improvements to the model nor do I expect any firmware releases unless there is a critical need.

    Some people may be fine to keep using the older models. Some older models even have features not present in the newest models. Other people may feel it is worth spending some money to receive improvements such as the larger screen, faster processor and weekly map updates..