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My Carminat Tomtom in my recently acquired Renault Scenic (2016) will not alert me to driving over the speed limit until I am 10mph over the limit
Ie it alerts me when I am doing 70mph in a 60mph limit and it alerts me when I doing 40 mph in a 30 mph limit.
I have updated the sd card which makes no difference. It appears the problem is with the built in appliance in the car. Can you help?


  • rider1rider
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    dont think it will do instant alert
    could be preset threshold
  • PamHeslop
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    Previous experience on my old car is that the alert usually sounds (when enabled of course) at approx 3mph over the speed limit you’re in. This is 10mph over and therefore is totally useless as a warning you are exceeding the limit. Thanks for your input
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    Please be aware that your GPS is far more accurate that the speedometer of your vehicle. You will find it is within 1 unit if you pass a speed display unit at the side of the road. Manufacture's speedometers nearly always show a faster speed than you actually are doing as part of their legal requirement
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    Hi Niaill thanks, I don’t think anyone understands my point. My car speedometer is totally accurate. At speed alert cameras, they indicate I am doing 30 mph and the speed on my speedometer says 32 mph which is normal. However the safety alert doesn’t come into action until I break the speed limit and am going at 40 mph. I have found a chat on a forum which makes me wonder…… has it somehow been set like this? The following is from USA

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    I have a 3rd edition and I changed my speed alert. But I chose not to use 'above speed limit' but to a 'set speed'. Here's how:

    “””Tap screen...
    "Change preferences"
    "Safety preferences"
    I turn off 'Warn when driving faster than allowed" THEN
    put check mark in 'Warn when driving faster than a set speed"
    click 'done'
    now enter speed you want TomTom to alert you (mine's set to 77)
    Tap 'OK'
    select the alert sound (I prefer 'polite 2' which is a low gong sound)
    continue with the 2 choices left as you want them, then 'done'”””
    Sorry for such a long post