Latest Update with new maps - oops - something wrong.

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My app version is 3.2.5, NDS version 2.4.6 Hopefully that is all you need.

TomTom Go Android just updated and now my saved 'favs' do not work or to be specific randomly do not work. On a couple, I have managed to 'DRIVE' to them (by that I mean select to drive there and the map displays a route.

On others, all that happens is the 'fav' is shown with name and star and no option to 'DRIVE' to that location.

This is a major issue as it renders the 'App' completely useless.

I will try rebooting the phone but this needs to be looked into.


  • lampard
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    Hi @alanrcooke

    If I select a favorite from the 'My Places' list which is not included in the maps installed on the app, it won't show the 'Drive' button. See below:
    Best, lampard
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    Version 3.2.5 migrated to a new map which requires to re-download the maps. Can you check in Menu > Settings > Map & Display > Downloaded maps if you need to re-download some maps?