Losing GPS orientation on App

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I have the same issue with AmiGO and Go on Android Auto:
Almost everytime I stop at a traffic light, the navigation starts spinning arround and often ends up with turning the arrow by 180° and changing the route accordingly. When the traffic light turns green and I continue my travel the arrow shows the right direction again after a few seconds.

I tested also Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps and Google Maps on Android Auto. They don't have ths issue and keep the right direction. So it must be a TomTom problem.


  • szachowa
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    Hi @ec-muc , from my own experience I can tell that it really depends on the quality of integrated GPS receiver in the phone. I remember that with my previous phone that I had, Motorola X Style, I have never seen described behavior of chevron changing rapidly heading at the traffic lights. After switching to Motorola One, this became a thing almost at every stop in urban area.
    I also discussed this topic with the team responsible for matching GPS position to map, and there are plans to improve current situation in the future. At the moment I'm unable to provide any dates, sorry.
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