TomTom Go sounds very low in Android Auto

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In Android Auto it sounds very low, there should be more setting options to increase the volume, as other apps sound fine, but when giving directions the volume goes way down, and I can't increase the overall volume otherwise everything would sound too loud, hope this gets fixed soon.


  • lampard
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    Hi @Daniel127

    Thank you for the feedback! This is already been reported to the team.

    Best, lampard
  • tomtom_un14_03
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    Hi @lampard
    I have this problem too. The volume of my app is so low compared to other apps in Android Auto. The "reported problem" suggests the Tomtom app is louder. Is there a way to change the relative volume?
  • FM1405
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    In my car, vw golf 7 with app connect, the volume for tomtom can be changed when an instruction is given. This only changes tomtom volume and nothing else like music etc.
  • grof
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    Reported, and ignored for another year! What will it take?