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Route planning has become incredibly frustrating with TomTom Go. If I select a destination and go to alternative route and save that route the route engine recalculates the saved route if I select it from My Routes. Why is there even a save route option if the routing engine is going to recalculate the saved route? That seems totally pointless, you might as well just save the destination as a place in that case. The more recent releases claim you can sync from My Routes to Mydrive (one would assume this means TomTom Go to the portal), however this does not seem to work (nor does there even seem to be any place to enable it). It does appear that you may be able to sync from the Mydrive portal to TomTom Go but that seems totally pointless since the Mydrive portal is less capable of planning routes than Go due to the drastically reduced feature set. It also seems you cannot export from Go to work around this so pre-planning a route seems nearly impossible. Is being able to do any kind of pre-planning that unreasonable and if so why does the Mydrive portal even exist? I've been using Go and precursors for eons and these seem like basic features for a pay navigation app.


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    route consider traffic situation and they change
    try saving as track in mydrive
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    Because Mydrive lacks feature parity with Go it cannot come up with the routes I want to navigate in the first place. The routes I want to use are a result of using find alternative within the GO App. Since they broke synchronization between GO and Mydrive quite some time ago you cannot get the route out of Go to manipulate it either. While I prefer TomTom most of the free Navigation apps handle this type of operation without issues.