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GO50 frozen after map update

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my GO50 navigation device.
I wanted to update the Europe map for the first time in a while.
I downloaded MyDrive Connect in my PC and connected the device to my PC, it was successfully identified as a result.
I selected the map to update. The update started and since it was programmed to last over 50 minutes, I let it run.
When I came back later, my PC was hibernating. Turning it back On, I found that the GO50 was no longer identified by MyDriveConnect.
Worse yet, the GO50 only displayed the launch screen (TomTom icon over a black background) and didn't show any progress from there.

I tried turning On and Off the TomTom device many times, to no avail. When turning it back On, the screen turns on with the TomTom logo over black background, there is the drum roll music, the screen turns fully black for a few seconds, then it shows the logo again indefinitely.

I tried the "soft" and "hard" product reset described here (https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360013957499 and https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013959579-Navigation-device-not-starting-or-displaying-a-cross ), to no avail. The device still displays only the TomTom logo.

Can anybody help with this please ?


  • drita_orydrita_ory Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Probably my device was not fully charged (apparently connecting the device to the PC USB port does not charge it ?) ...
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