Spark 3 indoor cycling cadence sensor

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I'm using my Spark 3 during indoor cycling session. If I enable cadence sensor, at the end of session the number of burnt calories is wrong, reporting a ridiculous amount.
During the session, the sensor is correctly connected (cadence sensor icon is steady), but cadence information is empty.
The sensor is BT 4.0.
Is there any workaround to have it working properly?


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    When it is not showing cadence during the activity, does it show it in MySports later or is it not recording it at all? Are you suing a dual speed & cadence sensor? The watch does not support single sensors, so if it is a standalone cadence sensor that could be the issue. If you are using the right sensor nd it is just not displaying the only solution is try do a factory reset and try repairing the sensor. TT Sports went out of business almost 4 years ago so there is very limited support available.

    Calories burned will depend on the activity mode used. In running, cycling and swimming modes the watch is not using your HR to calculate caloric burn; it is using MET tables, which are tables of energy expenditure at various paces. They did it this way to enable users who are not using a HR monitor to get a caloric estimate (otherwise they would get a zero reading). Since MET tables are based on pace and distance, cycling of different types (mountain versus road) will produce different results, regardless of HR as the paces are different. If your cadence sensor is off then it is going to be off on calories as the pace is also likely off.