Uploading the TomTom MyDrive App from my iPhone to my in dash sat.

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I have a 2021 model motorhome, based on a Peugeot Boxer chassis, fitted with a TomTom in-dash sat nav, which is unsuitable for motorhome use, it being clearly designed for a car. As such it chooses quite unsuitable routes

As a possible solution I downloaded the TomTom MyDrive app to my iPhone, and it does all the things that the in-dash sat nav doesn't.

When I tried to send my chosen route to the in-dash TomTom sat system, via Bluetooth, I discovered the sat nav does not have Bluetooth capability.

Where does this leave me?, it leaves me with an unsuitable nav system built into my motorhome, that I have just paid tens of thousand of pounds for. Am I disappointed?, you bet I am!!.

I'm guessing this leaves me with no alternative, other than to buy a stand-alone unit, such as the Garmin Camper, and have it stuck on the windscreen. Quite a retrograde move.


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    Hi @DaveS_2021
    TomTom MyDrive is a cloud based service and does not support sending routes via Bluetooth®.
    Your saved routes and favourite destinations get saved to your TomTom account. The TomTom on your Peugeot Boxer does not support MyDrive functionality to use the synch feature.

    If you are interested in a camper device, then have a quick glance of the -TomTom GO Camper model.