MacBook Air M1 and OSX Big Sur 11.4 working ok with MyDriveConnect!! (Solution)

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I recently bought an MBA M1 running on Big Sur 11.4., and wanted to update my old Rider 400, so I updated MyDrive Connect to the latest version, but couldn't connect to the Rider 400 using an Apple USB-C to USB-B adaptor - it just wasn't seen by the Mac at all. I tried the "delete completely, re-install" advice, then removed the TomTom items from Keychain Access as per - still no joy. I eventually used my old MBP running on High Sierra.

HOWEVER, I then switched the Apple USB-C/USB-B adapter for a multi-function USB-C-HDMI/USB-B/SD-Card adapter with the MBA M1- the Rider 400 was immediately recognised and connected!

So if you're having problems, try a different, possibly smarter, connector. Have fun, ride safe
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