Android Auto: Unable to add postcode, etc when moving

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After TomTom Go crashed and had to use AmiGo without a route programmed, I got my wife to try entering our postcode to get directions back home.

After the first letter was entered the search was automatically cancelled and she couldn't enter the destination at all, she tried a few times but each time had the same issue.

Is the system blocked from allowing users to enter a search for routing, is so then this should be blocked on the app while moving, instead of allowing a user to select and start entering something


  • lampard
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    Hi @walkerx

    You can’t type address while driving in Android auto. I think that is an android auto limitation for drivers' safety. Users need to disconnect and plan a route or stop the car and plan the route or voice input etc.

    There's also show the message "not while driving" in the search input box on the Android Auto. If you try to access it while driving, Android Auto also shows this message to park the vehicle to use the keyboard.
    Best, lampard
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    Hi all,
    To search for an address, you can do it with your voice even if the search is not always successful.
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    @lampard never got that on the AmiGo Android Auto screen, it allowed entry of 1st letter then cancelled input, but left you on the same screen

    also daft if you can't use voice input to change the route, especially as you can use voice to advise if camera is still there or not.

    if it can't be used while driving, then the option needs to be disabled during motion