Specs cameras and fuel prices on the go discover

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I have a discovery go 7", newish. Traffic works fine but it’s not displaying any of the specs average speed cameras on motorway roadworks. Seen this on m6 southbound Wigan areas and m6 south bound Lancaster area. Other fixed cameras seem to be displaying correctly.


  • Moose73
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    I am getting incorrect fuel prices for most but not all fuel stations, seem to be displaying £1.55, when actually around £1.35 ish. Any ideas? This was Lancashire and Cumbria areas.
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    Same on my tom tom go discover.
    I spoke with tom tom support about this, they were no help at all.
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    I’ve had completely wrong fuel figures showing for the past 4 weeks - £1.55 instead of £1.43, £1.49 instead of £1.39 and so on. It is a little distracting and I might be better turning it off, but it would be nicer if TomTom could fix it. This is in Shropshire and Staffordshire.