Navcore error

Kurik Registered Users Posts: 2
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I have downloaded Smart Media Connect - a brand new, never been on the PC AT ALL version. First thing I get is the navcore error - I have not yet even connected my SD cart for my device!

Please send me a link to software that works - I have an outstanding order of maps that I now cannot add to my machine!


  • VikramK
    VikramK Administrators Posts: 13,809
    Hi @Kurik
    I would recommend reinstallation of the application. The latest version is available here-

    Also try inserting the SD card and see if the error still shows?

  • Kurik
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    Unfortunately, this is the version I installed. I have removed and reinstalled again - straight to the error page... NOT good
  • circoloco
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    I have the same problem. Navcore Issue !!! I have tried everything and maps does not work !!!!!!

    Any help from TomTom ??????