What is a phone number to contact TomTom

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What is a phone number to contact TomTom

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    Hi @MarkFisher
    Welcome to the community!
    Currently, we offer support via chat or email. Over the phone support is not available.
    See the steps on the below article-https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360015568919/

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    It is August 2021, the virus has been around for at least 18 months+ and your company has been unable to set up viable customer service alternatives outside of an appalling and ineffective webchat?

    Maybe your senior management should be looking at themselves and considering career changes? Or maybe they are on an economy drive at the expense of the customer?

    Your support website is a disaster of infinite loops and I pity anyone who - like me - has come here because they have a problem over and above 'watch this video and fix it yourself'.

    I will be watching videos, ones of reviews of alternatives to Tom Tom products.