Glass screen unglued!

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I regularly swap my RIDER 400 between my car(s) and bike (BMW R1200RT), whilst using it this week (very hot weather) the top left corner of the screen has become detached. The unit is never left on the screen - always removed, in provided soft case and either left in cubby box / arm rest box between seats, front drivers' door storage pocket or in the house. Can the screen be glued back in place - to stop further issues, screen held in place with black electrical tape. HELP!!!


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    is it still under warranty or not
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    Hi All, to clarify, unit is several years old - not under warranty etc. I was wondering if superglue would work (well it sticks most things to most things) but would it damage the electronics, circuit boards etc. Having just looked at the link above - I've decided superglue is not the route - no pun intended.... bathroom clear silicon sealant.

    Thank you to all who replied in my hour of need.......