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Poi accepted and created but.....

gially86gially86 Posts: 24 [Master Explorer]
....with no name, I'm trying to add the name but nothing to do, here it is one of many report fixed but it isnt' so 92fc4930-79fc-4a2f-9059-63a3130e1b8a

@VikramK could you check please?


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,146 Moderator
    Hi @gially86
    The status indeed is showing as fixed.
    The data was updated on 26 May 2021. For the changes to reflect on the quarterly maps, it could take between 6-9 months.

  • gially86gially86 Posts: 24 [Master Explorer]
    edited July 21
    6-9 months only to see a name in a POI? It's a long long long time, here it is what I'm continuing to see it on Mapshare after several months o2b9jeqb5mc1.png
  • gially86gially86 Posts: 24 [Master Explorer]

    Here it is antoher one I request and it's without name:

    But it's possible??

    Another awful thing: I've requested creation of this POI as an Hairdresser and it was created as a Shop, why?? 9dc7474e-2be5-41c6-be49-f99836f8616a
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