When will TomTom Go app support uploading POI file (OV2)?

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When will Tomtom Navigation Go app support uploading (importing) POI file (OV2) in TomTom MyDrive?


  • lampard
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    Hi @BertAT

    Welcome to the Community! I hope you already read the posts with similar requests which is considered by the team. There is no timeline behind this yet but we'll provide an update here on the forum if and when this feature is planned for release.

    Thanks, lampard
  • Rokit
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    How is the status of entering poi files, because I think it still doesn't work and this is very annoying.
  • SinglePointSafety
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    In the meantime, you can try a POI app such as POI pocket: combined with desktop app, really easy to both store and create new POIs and also easy to select POI and choose which navigation app to use to get you there
  • JardaBar
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    POIs import is very usefull feature.